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  • The Kilkenny Way
  • The Kilkenny Way
  • The Kilkenny Way

So Whats this all about ?

The Kilkenny Way offers you a complete insight into the way we do things in Kilkenny. All Ireland Winning Former Kilkenny Player Richie Power Snr and Current Panelist Richie Power Jnr plus different special guests on a weekly basis from the Current and Past panels.

We will be putting you through your paces in some of Kilkenny's Top GAA Clubs and (working with you also on Diet/Health/Game & Psychology mentoring to assist you in better preparation for your games.

Kilkenny has turned out some of the modern day Greatest Players of the game and we will be opening up some of the secrets of the game as we take you and teach you how to Hurl "The Kilkenny Way"

Our Club Package offers you the complete experience including accommodation, meals, training, sport psychology, dietician one on one, game time & team bonding exercises.

Chose from our Club packages and join us to see if you can handle it the way we do things - in the most successful Hurling County.

The Kilkenny Way